Program: Purple hat hacker: Forensic and digital security

This program is a bachelor program (i.e 3 years of study) in computer science. The first group of students started in august 2006. The scope of this program is digital forensic and security. The main topic is how can we run and manage a digital investigation. Obviously, computer and network security are also involved. During these 3 years, students deal with computers, hard drives but also flash-memories, wired and wireless networks, social science and laws. On the pedagogical side, "adversial learning" is used in learn in realistic situations.

Students can borrow an external 2.5 inches HD with a Linux system installed on it. The distribution is Ubuntu. I had nice times to prepare that for students and myself. A version for USB keys is also available.

This program has a website

In this program I'am involved during the academic year 2010-2011 in the following courses:

Pascal Rebreyend
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