Publication list

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Thesis (in French)

  1. Algorithmes génétiques hybrides en optimisation combinatoiredf
    P. Rebreyend
    LIP, ENS-Lyon, France. January, 14th 1999 (pdf format)


  1. Scheduling Multiprocessor Tasks with Genetic Algorithms
    R. C. Correa, A. Ferreira and P. Rebreyend
    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems.(TPDS), Vol 10, Number 8, pp 825-837, August 1999

International conferences

  1. A Heuristic-Based Bee Colony Algorithm for the Multiprocessor Scheduling Problem
    Pascal Rebreyend, Cedric Clugery and Emmanuel Hily
    Nature Inspired Cooperative Strategies for Optimization, NICSO 2010, May, 12-14, 2010, Granada, Spain
  2. A dispatching tool for railway transportation (Extended abstract)
    Pascal Rebreyend
    PATAT 2006, Proceeding of the 6th internation conference on the practice and Theory of Automated timetabling, 30th august, 1st september 2006,Brno, czech Republic, pp478-480
  3. DisTrain: A Simulation Tool for Train Dispatching
    Pascal Rebreyend
    ITSC05, 8th Internation conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 14-16 september 2005, Vienna, Austria, pp801-806
  4. Two intakes a year for a better peer group support
    Pascal Rebreyend
    Conference LMD Informatique en Europe et Emploi, Montpellier, May 30-31 2005
  5. Scheduling problem: A comparaison on hybrid Genetic Algorithms
    B. Chamaret, P. Rebreyend and F.E. Sandnes
    2nd IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks, Brisbane, Australia,pp 210-213, December 1998 ISBN 0-88986-237-0, ISSN 1027-2658
  6. Integrating List Heuristic into Genetic Algorithms for Multiprocessor Scheduling
    R.C. Correa, A. Ferreira and P. Rebreyend
    Eight IEEE Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing (SPDP), pp 462-469, New-orleans, USA, october 1996, ISSN_ISBN 0-8186-7683-3
  7. No-wait jobshop scheduling using simulated annealing
    C. Caux, P. Rebreyend and H. Pierreval
    Proceeding of the 12th Intern3ational Conference on CAD/CAM Robotics and Factories of the Future,Middlesex University, London, UK, pp 633-638, august 1996, ISBN 1-898253-03-X

National conferences

  1. Processus global de planification de réseaux cellulaires
    B. Chamaret and P. Rebreyend
    ALGOTEL'99, Roscoff, may 1999, pp 35-40
  2. Un algorithme génétiques d'ordonnancement de tâches
    R.C. Correa, A. Ferreira and P. Rebreyend
    RenPar'8, Bordeaux, may 1996, pp 45-48

Research's reports

  1. Static Multiprocessor Tasks Graph Scheduling in the Genetic Para digm: A Comparison of Genotype Representations
    P. Rebreyend, F.E. Sandnes and G. Megson
    Research's report RR1998-25, LIP, ENS-Lyon, may 1998, pdf file
  2. Scheduling Multiprocessor Tasks with Genetic Algorithms
    R.C. Correa, A. Ferreira and P. Rebreyend
    Research's report NCE-02/96, Núclio de Computaçãp Electrônica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1996

Master's thesis

  1. Ordonnancement dans un atelier sans temps d'attente: problème du no-wait jobshop
    Pascal Rebreyend
    Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, June 1995

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