Linux on a AST P55 (Pentium 120)

Since my old laptop AST P55 (P120, 24M, 12TFT) was still fine, I decided to re-install Linux on it (it was used with Windows by my parents) to listen radios and answer emails. Thus, I bought a 2G Compact-Flash to have a silent HD and an adapter to use it at HD (Note: should be configurated as slave).

Before to install the CF, I format it (4 partitions), format the last partition as a0 with lphdisk and install the smart boot manager to be able to boot from a CD.

Then, I use debian 3.0r4 binary non-US to install my system.

Then, the kernel 2.4.32 is downloaded and installed. (without apm support, needs to be fixed)

Then, pcmcia-cs 3.2.8 is installed.

Now, alsa to have the sound (snd-sb16) and mplayer and enjoy web radios !

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