Swedish Mathematical Society


The Swedish Mathematical Society (SMS) is a free-standing non-profit organization. Its purpose is to act for the benefit of mathematics by improving the national and international contacts between professional mathematicians and by distributing the information concerning the growing signification of mathematics in the world.


The Swedish Mathematical Society, which was founded in 1950, has approximately 500 members at the moment. The activities of the society are led by its administration Board consisting of elected voluntary representatives. The membership fee for 2005 was SEK 200. SMS is a member society of the European Mathematical Society (EMS). Members of SMS can become individual members of EMS through SMS.


SMS arranges the autumn meeting and the annual meeting, and publishes the Newsletters three times yearly. SMS is active in supporting young mathematicians through the Wallenberg prize, Knut och Alice Wallenbergs stiftelses resefond and Mats EssÚns minnesfond. In addition to being a member organization for professional mathematicians, SMS cooperates other organizations and arranges some activities, such as Education Days, Mathematics Competitions and Sonja-Kovalevsky-Days, for high school teachers and students.


For further information of the Swedish Mathematical Society, please visit our Swedish home page. This home page has the official address (URL)




which is immediately connected to the following address http://users.du.se/~fmi/sms under the years 2003-2005. Our current e-mail address is sms@math.uu.se.