Liminal Borderlands: Ireland Past, Present, Future 

Interdisciplinary Conference in Irish Studies

Plenary Speakers: 

Prof Emeritus Bo Almqvist (Dept of Irish Folklore, UCD) 

Prof Cheryl T. Herr (Dept of English/Cinema and Comparative Literature, University of Iowa)

Prof Richard Kearney (Dept of Philosophy, Boston College)

Dr Anthony Roche (Dept of Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama, UCD)

Readings by 

Medbh McGuckian 

Eilís Ní Dhuibhne

 22 - 24 April, 2004

The 4th Biannual Conference of NISN (Nordic Irish Studies Network) will be
held at University College Dalarna, SWEDEN.

The conference theme is Liminal Borderlands: Ireland Past, Present and
Future. The conference will be interdisciplinary and we welcome submissions
for panels and papers in literature, language, drama, film, art, music,
history, politics, philosophy, cultural studies, folklore, and other
relevant academic disciplines that can relate the conference theme to the
subject of Irish Studies. Possible topics include, but are not limited to

* exile; hybridity; nomadism

* local/global communities; nationalism/postnationalism

* postcolonial subjectivity; migration studies; cultural/linguistic identity

* translation; language politics

* liminal bodies/spaces; threshold experiences; memory

* transgressive identities; cyborgs

* gender; queer theory

Please submit 250-word abstracts/panel proposals, including a short CV, by
15 December, 2003. Papers should be limited to 20 minutes in length.
Presenters of papers are required to be members of NISN (Nordic Irish
Studies Network) by March 04. For information on membership see the NISN
website on

Those who wish to co-ordinate special interest sessions are very welcome to
do so and should notify the conference organiser of the topic and names of
participants. Topic proposals for round-table discussions are also welcome.

The following panels have been proposed:

Negotiating Ethnicity and Identity in Irish American Literature

What are the realities of being Irish and American? How is it different from being Irish or American? Papers addressing questions of subjectivity,identity and ethnicity, or any other other issues related to Irish American literature, are welcome.

For this panel please send abstracts of 250 words no later than 31 January, 2004, to:
Dr Mats Tegmark
Assistant Professor of English
Dalarna University College
SE-79188 Falun, SWEDEN

 Hiberno English and the construction of identity

How do Hiberno English dialect and accent affect the construction of identity? How and when is dialectical identity marked? How are language features modified in Irish vs. non-Irish contexts? Papers addressing the linguistic construction of identity, or any other other issues related to Hiberno English, are welcome.

Send abstracts of 250 words no later than 31 January, 2004, to:
Una Cunningham
Associate Professor of English
Dalarna University College
S-79188 Falun

Address all abstracts, proposals and inquires to

Conference organiser:
Dr Irene Gilsenan Nordin
DUCIS (Dalarna University Centre for Irish Studies)
Dept of Arts and Languages
University College Dalarna
Campus Lugnet
SE 791 88 Falun, SWEDEN

E-mail:; Phone: +46 23 77 8308; Fax +46 23 77 8080