Masters Programme in English:

Majoring in Irish Literature (60 ECTS)    Application Code: UH012




This programme offers students the opportunity to major in Irish literature within the Masters Programme in English. The programme, which comprises courses on the English C and D levels (advanced level), is intended to give students the academic basis needed for research in English at doctoral level. To this end the programme develops an advanced ability in the English language, advanced skills in research methodology, an in-depth knowledge of Irish literature, as well as a critical awareness of literary theory and practice.

The programme consists of four 7,5 ECTS modules and two degree theses of 15 ECTS each. The following modules are offered in the Masters Programme for Irish Literature: Irish Poetry from Yeats to McGuckian, Ireland in Film and Drama, and The Irish Short Story and Literary Theory. These courses aim to develop studentsí theoretical awareness through the study of literary and critical texts. A number of texts are read from the viewpoint of different schools of literary theory, and students are required to actively undertake their own critical interpretation of chosen texts. Students may also take courses offered in the Linguistics and General Literature MA programmes.

During the first term, students write an extended essay of 10 points (15 ECTS). The aim is to enable the student to write a scholarly thesis on Irish literature, of such a standard that it can be published. Students are encouraged to explore a research question of special interest. During the second term, students write a slightly longer thesis. Here, higher demands are placed on theoretical awareness, independent and original analysis, as well as sophistication in language and argumentation.



The course requirements for international students is a BA degree, comprising the equivalent of 120 Swedish points (180 ECTS credits) in the humanities, of which at least 40 Swedish points (60 ECTS credits) are in English. Swedish students are required to have completed 40 points of English and an additional 80 points within the humanities. In order to prove their oral skills students will need to take the IELTS test, showing an overall score of 6,0, with no less than 5,0 in each section of the test. Applicants from the Nordic countries are not required results from these tests.