Irish Poetry: From Yeats to McGuckian   

Advanced level, 7,5 ECTS (5 points)      Application Code: EA112






The course aims to deepen the studentsí understanding of representative works of Irish poetry, as well as of contemporary literary theory and criticism. Through their analyses of the texts studied on this course, students will deepen their knowledge of modern Irish poetry from a theoretical point of view and develop their analytic skills. The literary works are studied from a variety of modern and postmodern theoretical perspectives, such as Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Reception Theory, Structuralism and Semiotics, Post-Structuralism, Psychoanalysis and Political Criticism. Besides being introduced to theoretical texts, students will also study a number of critical articles dealing directly with the poetry studied on the course. In order to encourage independent thinking and a critical response to the texts studied, students are required to apply various literary critical theories to a limited range of poems through short hand-in assignments. The course consists of obligatory seminars, in which students are expected to participate actively.



This course is one of the modules in the Masters Programme in Irish literature. It can also be read as a separate course.



If this course is taken separately, the application code is EA112. If it is taken within the Masters Programme, no additional application is needed.

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