The Irish Novel                                                  Advanced level, 7,5 ECTS (5 points)       Application Code: EA113





The aim of this course is to deepen the studentsí knowledge of representative works within the Irish novel genre. Through their analyses of the texts studied on this course, students will deepen their knowledge the Irish novel from a theoretical point of view and develop their analytic skills. The students will also acquire advanced skills in research methodology as well as literary criticism and theory. A number of texts are read from the viewpoint of different schools of literary theory, such as narratology and Bakhtinian dialogism. Students are required to actively undertake their own critical interpretation of chosen texts through individual presentations. The course consists of obligatory seminars, in which students are expected to participate actively.



This course is one of the modules in the Masters Programme in Irish literature. It can also be read as a separate course.



If this course is taken separately, the application code is EA113. If it is taken within the Masters Programme, the application code is UH012.

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