Dalarna University Centre for Irish Studies (DUCIS) is part of the English Department at Dalarna University. It is the first centre of its kind in Sweden, and offers university courses in Irish literature and theory, specialising in contemporary Irish poetry, the novel, short story, and film and drama.

The main aim of DUCIS is to promote the recruitment of new scholars of Irish literature, by offering high quality education in Irish Studies at undergraduate level, and by working towards establishing the first PhD degree programme in Irish Studies in Sweden.

The Centre provides a forum where staff and students can further their research in Irish Studies and establish and maintain contact with other scholars working in the field of Irish Studies in Sweden, Scandinavia and internationally.

The aims of DUCIS are as follows:

  • to provide a national focal point for Irish Studies in Sweden

  • to raise the profile of Irish Studies in Sweden, and, through co-operation with Nordic scholars, in the Scandinavian countries

  • to help broaden the field of Irish Studies, by including theoretical and philosophical perspectives

  • to provide a forum for researchers in Irish Studies, and to help disseminate research findings to a wider audience

  • to organise conferences and symposia in Irish Studies, where students and staff can present their research work

  • to publish the scholarly journal Nordic Irish Studies, for NISN (Nordic Irish Studies Network) in co-operation with CISA, the Centre for Irish Studies, Aarhus, Denmark

  • to facilitate exchange an co-operation between Swedish and international scholars of Irish Studies, by participating in exchange programmes and joint research projects, in addition to conference activities

  • to become a centre of cultural exchange for visiting Irish writers and scholars

  • to become a centre of scholarship across a wide range of disciplines, such as music, art, history, anthropology and religion

  • to arrange cultural activities, such as readings from visiting Irish writers

  • to maintain a website and links to other websites of interest for Irish Studies

Programmes and courses offered

  • MA degree in Irish Studies as a full-time programme

  • Undergraduate courses in Irish Studies, which presently include the following:

  • Irish Poetry: From Yeats to McGuckian (advanced level)

  • The Irish Novel (advanced level)

  • Ireland in Film and Drama (advanced level)

  • The Irish Short Story (advanced level)

  • Degree Thesis (advanced level)

  • Irish Literature and Culture (basic level)

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